Do not be worried over the fact, all you need is to be logical and prove the fact that you are not the same person. Let her realize this since action speaks more than words. Do not let other, may be her friends feel that it is not an honest effort how to get my ex back.
How do you convince her and how to get your ex girlfriend back?
• You need to tactfully handle the sensitive situation and let he feel that you are a changed man. Not just show off, be really sorry about what happened in the past. Now that you truly realize that she means really a lot to you do something that she is convinced about the fact.

• Sit with her and work out on the issues which made her jittery about you and now that you are there to sort things out, be very sure that you end the old chapter and start fresh leaving all grudges and oddities back and only working out on how to get your ex girlfriend back.

• Ask her, tell her to speak and you try and analyze why she moved out. This will actually bring in the confidence in her when she feels that you are giving a patient hearing and trying your level best not to repeat the past.
The same is applicable when it comes to a girl:
• When you really want to end the confusion and work out on how to get your ex boyfriend back make sure that these time it is a real honest step. You can cheat the whole world, but you cannot cheat your own self, which is exactly the thing that you have to realize.

• So before your prove anything to him explain it to yourself that the oddities which you are trying to erase and walking up to start a new life ahead. Be convinced yourself and then only you can convince him.
This way you can bridge the gulf in your relationship and work out a healthy and better life ahead.