Before womens footy games start, it is always common to find many people analyzing the games and trying to predict possible outcomes of those games. TV analysts, sports review sites and online tipsters will offer different views on selected AFLW games. While most of these analysts offer insightful views, punters should not pay a lot of attention to them. People should actually not pay much attention to TV analysts because they are hired to entertain the viewers and not necessarily offer important insights into the games. Majority of the TV analysts are actually people who have never participated in the AFLW in any capacity, whether as coaches or players.
It does not matter what information the TV analysts are giving out. What really matters is whether the producers find whatever the analysts are saying to be entertaining. For a punter who engages in womens footy betting, it is important that they do their own research before betting. It is true that some information TV analysts give such as player injuries, motivation and suspensions can really help punters. However, things like statistics and how specific teams play should be researched by the punter.
The same case is true for online tipsters. Online tipsters only have an interest of making money from punters and do not care whether the tips they offer win or lose. A punter must understand that betting takes a lot of research and hard work to be able to place wagers correctly or successfully. Tipsters will always offer attractive womens footy odds but if there is no value in those odds, there is no point in placing a bet. It is worth noting that even though TV analysts and online tipsters have an important role to play, whatever they are doing should not be taken as a sound strategy for betting on womens footy events.