With the economy still in a rut and the value of homes still decreasing, rather than moving, the new trend is to redesign old rooms or shuffle floor plans to upgrade. This can give a home a new fresh feel without the expensive cost of moving or adding a new addition. And if you want to give your seaside residences on rent the renovation is something that your traditional home really requires.

Every guest needs more room in their closet! Small spare bedrooms next to the master suite are being converted into large dramatic dressing rooms. This is easily created by adding a door to the shared wall and adding hardwood shelving and cabinetry finished with fancy cabinet hardware to the spare room. The closet doors from the spare room are removed and hardwood shelving or dressers are inserted to add more space to the closet. Large three way mirrors, lounge chairs, and plush ottomans are added to complete the dressing room and give it a luxurious feel. Seaside Residences Floor plan are quite different from the routine ones, and are quite open too. They love to peek out of their home to have a glance of sea waves. Make sure that your home has enough room for the people to peek around.

You can also accessorize your bedroom by the comfortable furnitures like for any spare bedroom is to create a sitting room for the master suite. The shared wall between the master and spare rooms is removed and finished with trim work. A chaise lounge and high back chairs with matching coffee tables are added to the sitting room along with luxurious curtains, decorative pillows, and rugs that coordinate with the master bedroom accessories. Seaside residences Siglap is a wonderful place to spend your vacations. Do renovate your home and plan your vacations accordingly.