One trick Pokemon Go players have not realized is to play to their type. In other words, each Pokemon has a specific type. This type has natural weaknesses, natural strengths and in some instances, a Pokemon type that can completely nullify defenses and attacks. Regardless of your type, the best idea is not to go to the gym to have the type end in an impasse. Secondly, you should ensure that your type does not get beat by something that is in a lower level compared to your level because you were not paying attention when playing the game or you were using pokemon go hack that did not work.
Before you go on the offense and start attacking, first look at each Pokemon that is protecting the Gym. Secondly, determine their type and ensure that you have a Pokemon that can cause a lot of damage to that type you are about to attack. There are times when you will feel that leaving a multiple Pokemon in one team is the best way to go. When deciding on this, ensure that your team is not leaving many of the same Pokemon types to defend the gym. While there are many pokemon go cheats, it helps to know all the elements in the game and their innate opponents.
It is also important to use speed caps when playing Pokemon Go even if you will use pokemon go pokecoins generator to get those caps. In Pokemon Go, hatching eggs is all about moving a specific distance. In order to hatch an egg, you will have to travel between 2 and 10km. After hatching an egg, you will find a boatload of candy and a Pokemon inside. You should not worry on the type of Pokemon you will get in the egg, even if it is weak. This is because the candy will get you closer to acquiring any stronger Pokemon later and it is recommended that you hatch as many eggs as possible.