The other types of apartment provided by 10th Floor Brokers mainly in the uptown area are 1313 W 26th Street. The apartment is located in a beautiful area of the Sencha Tea Garden which is few minutes walking distance from the Uptown shopping arena. This apartment has got three bedrooms as well as a single bathroom.

Sizes of apartments of 10th Floor Brokers
The size of the apartment is around 1150 square feet. The rent of the apartment is around $1500. Another amazing place is the 1313 W 26th Street Minneapolis that has got open planning units. This marvelous building is mainly located in the Sencha Tea Garden, which are only a few minutes away from the uptown shopping.
Amazing apartment by 10th Floor Brokers
Another amazing place is 2322 Garfield Ave S, which is a luxurious apartment in 10th Floor Brokers Minneapolis. This apartment consists of three bedrooms, which feature the woodwork as well as the modern kitchen. Another apartment that is 404 8th Street that is mainly located near Minnesota University. This apartment has an amazing facility that is five bedrooms.
3009 Bryant Ave S: an innovative and creative design to discover interesting places
Another amazing place is located in 3009 Bryant Ave S. It further helps in discovering different attractions, which help in making this area very charming as well as chic. This apartment has got two bedrooms as well as one bathroom, and the rent ranges from about $1300.
Excellent quality of service provided by the 10th Floor Brokers apartments
The size of the area is almost 1000 square feet. The 10th floor has got a very promising future. It has got a very high quality of materials and the premium apartments. 10th Floor Brokers apartments that help in attracting customers provide excellent service.