In the danger of saying the obvious, Iwant to indicate the reason for a drill press is to drill consistently straight holes correctly into metal, wood or plastic. The reason for a drill press using a fence is to drill persistent holes in a work piece in a regular distance from the border of a work piece. The reason for a drill press using a fence and one (or two) ceases is to drill holes in a regular distance from one or both ends of a work piece or work pieces. The reason for a drill press using a leaning table is to drill holes that are repeatable and precise to the work piece at a precise angle. The reason for an electric drill is to drill holes just where utilizing a drill press will be impractical or impossible.

You can find a lot of things to take into account when comparing Tischbohrmaschine Test including motor size, table size as well as characteristics, quill stroke, task lighting, laser availability, turning speeds, easy rate change, variety of speeds, reversible feed handle (for lefties) and even the size of the foundation (for machine equilibrium).

With respect to motor size, experience tells me that 3/4 hp is about the lowest size motor I Had like to see on a drill press. Some versions attempt to get away with a 1/2 hp motor. You will find times, particularly at belt rate ratios that are higher a half hp motor will turn out to be insufficient.

I recently finished a side by side comparison review of 3 drill presses from three different makers. The Powermatic 2800 PM was the most expensive I. The other 2 drill presses I contemplated are competitive with list and each other for about half the price of the Powermatic. The 2800 PM is being discussed by me of just what a drill press could be if money were no object, as a good example. Another Tischbohrmaschine Test I were both machines that are quite competent and also would undoubtedly perform the job in a typical woodworking store.